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Haay flex led

NEW innovative Flexible LED Strip

LED strips are a new generation of innovative lighting products that allow for creating spectacular effects in an easy way. LED strips have other advantages: they have small dimensions, more efficient energy consumption, saturated colours and are easy to control. As you will see, the possibilities are too numerous to count Haay offers a full range of Flex LED strips and accessories. This overview will provide you with a good idea of the possibilities and the solutions that suit your needs.

Professional LED strips can easily be left switched on all day and night, as long as they have been installed according to all professional guidelines. In addition, the double-sided tape is of the highest quality.

NEW innovative CRI>90 Flexible LED Strip

The power voltage of the LED strip

  • 12 V: considered as safety voltage and used frequently
  • 24 V: has the advantage that ,with an equal cable diameter, the distance between the power supply and LED strip can be larger

The number of LEDs on the LED strip

  • The more LEDs, the less light spots
  • The more LEDs, the better the light dispersion


  • Warm, neutral and cold white, CW/WW
  • Digital LED strip

Protective coating

  • IP20: no protective coating
  • IP61: for kitchens and bathrooms
  • IP68: waterproof

Power Supply

Always use a professional switching-mode power supply for powering your LED strips. · Waterproof power supply by Mean Well .This power supply has an IP index of IP65 or IP67 and is usable in damp environments or even outdoors.


LED strips are only dimmable with a PWM dimmer. This type of dimmer is always placed between the power supply and the LED strip. The power voltage is switched at a frequency higher than the visible spectrum by means of pulse width modulation (PWM). Remark: When filming in rooms with a PWM-dimmed LED strip, please use a dimmer with a PWM frequency which is high enough. Single-coloured LED strips are dimmed with an LED PWM dimmer RGB LED strips are dimmed with an RGB PWM controller Different types: Professional dimmers and controllers for DIN-rail mounting: This type of dimmers can be installed in a fuse box with DIN-rail mounting and is controlled via a 0/1- 10 V signal. Some models can be controlled through a PWM signal or push buttons. These dimmers are easy to integrate into a new, classic or domotics installation.

  • Power supply for mounting on a DIN rail by Mean Well This power supply is installed in a fuse box with DIN rail mounting. The voltage can be set to ± 10 % of the nominal output voltage.