Every public building makes use of motion detection,mostly in the ceiling.
This mini presence or mini absence detector with one channel (360°, 10 A) is the logical next in line application for our PLUGG system.

haay motion



The single channel detector switches the interior lighting on and off and is suitable for ceiling installation in small offices, sanitary ware, garages, storage rooms … The detector is equipped with an integrated light sensor that turns off the lighting as soon as sufficient daylight is measured in the room. The Built-in detector (IP65) can be used with the factory settings, but the settings can also be changed with the IR remote. When multiple detectors are used, the settings of one detector with the IR remote will automatically be copied to the other minimum values. The detection area can be divided by a customizable screen mask.

• Application: presence detector, daylight dependent, automatic on / off via PIR
• push button application: in “eco off” mode, the lighting can be manually switched off via a NO push button without waiting for the switch-off delay. The lighting can also be switched on manually if the sensor has not registered any movement (such as a button outside the room). The lights are switched on only if there is not enough daylight in the room. Long press of the push button switches the lights on or off during the switch off delay + two hours. After that, the minimizer repeats its normal operation. Long pressures are daylight dependent.
• Switch off delay: 5 min
• Sensitivity: 100 lux
• Function: The minimizer automatically turns on the lighting when the motion sensor detects movement in space and the light level is below the set value. After the last movement has been detected, the lights remain on during the set off delay. As soon as the switch-off delay has expired, the lighting turns off. The lights also turn off automatically as soon as the daylight level is high enough, even if there is still space in the moment. The lighting can also be switched off manually via a pushbutton. The minimum size can be customized with the (optional) IR remote control.
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 36 x 36 x 49.3 mm
• Dimensions visible (HxWxD): 36 x 36 x 13.3 mm
• Power supply: 230 Vac ± 10%, 50 – 60 Hz
• Power consumption: 0.2 W
• Relay contact 1: NO (max. 10 A), light and motion sensitive
• Maximum load bulbs: 2300 W
• Maximum load 230V halogen lamps: 2300 W
• Maximum load low voltage halogen lamps: 1150 VA
• Maximum load (non-compensated) fluorescent lamps: 1150 VA
• Maximum load energy saving lamps (CFLi): 350 W
• Max. Load LEDs 230 V: 350 W
• Maximum capacitive load: 140 μF
• Maximum input current: 165 A / 20 ms
• Minimum board diameter: 30 mm
• Detection angle: 360 °
• Detection range IR: circle, maximum 24 m diameter from a height of 3.4 m
• Sensitivity: 20 – 1000 lux
• Hysteresis on photosensitivity: + 10%
• Shutdown delay: 120 – 3600 s
• Degree of protection: IP65
• Mounting height: 2 – 3 m
• Ambient temperature: -5 – 50 ° C
• Installation: Installation
• Number of channels: 1 channel
• Marking: CE

haay motion
haay motion
haay motion




The installation of the PLUGG system is very simple with every ceiling thicknesses and the leveling is done without much trouble.
The HAAY system was favored by the builder because, in the course of the conversion and finishing of the practice all possibilities remain.
Since, in the planning and execution phase, not all the details of the decoration, such as, for example, murals, were clarified, we are very flexible with the HAAY system now used.

Elektrotechnik André Lansen