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Project planning

Our in-house 20 bespoke luminaire design department helps clients see the full potential of their business. We build full luminaires to your specifications to meet any needs for your project offering the best and most cost-effective solutions backed by our experience gained over the years.


Our lighting case studies show the breadth of our work. The projects shown here range from ancient barns through country houses to striking modern builds but the principles are consistent; inspirational lighting design coupled with well planned execution.

These case studies are a selection of our projects that illustrate the range and quality of our lighting design. Each case study has been selected to demonstrate particular challenges we faced, how we worked with our clients to achieve stunning results and the products and solutions we used. We hope the case studies will help show how HAAY Lighting can help you with your project whatever the brief.


Whilst case studies are a great way of showcasing what we do, we recognise that many people start looking for help with their lighting because they are looking for solutions for specific areas. This section of the site is designed to help with that. The Solutions pages offer lighting ideas for specific challenges.

We’ve started with some of the most common lighting solutions areas. We offer lighting ideas for kitchen lighting and bathroom lighting. There are pages covering lighting staircases, lighting high & low ceilings and lighting artwork. More will be added very soon: including external lighting.
We hope that you find this section both informative and inspirational. If you would like to discuss more tailored advice on your specific project requirements please get in touch.


Lighting control systems complement great lighting design. Often described as Mood Lighting, lighting control systems are actually much more; they bring ease-of-use, energy efficiency, security benefits and of course they can add a real “wow” factor to a good lighting scheme. Crucially, lighting control systems are by far the best way to control and dim LED lighting
Lighting control systems are the best way to manage and dim LED lighting.

The recent growth of LED in residential lighting schemes has highlighted one of the massive benefits of Lighting Control Systems. Lighting Control Systems are the best way of managing and dimming LED lighting.
LEDs and conventional dimming don’t sit comfortably together. Problems include erratic dimming performance, flickering and popping. Conversely a properly designed and specified control system can dim LEDs smoothly down to low levels.
The best systems offer a range of dimming protocols, including mains trailing-edge, 0-10v, DMX and DALI, the last three offering the best dimming performance. DALI is used more in commercial environments but we are increasingly using DALI in residential projects: with the right light fittings it delivers smooth, trouble-free dimming down to 1%, while requiring a simpler wiring infrastructure with lower equipment and installation costs.
If all this talk of dimming protocols is a bit intimidating, don’t worry. Properly designed and installed you need never know how your lights are being dimmed. You’ll just enjoy predictable, smooth, flicker-free dimming. If you do want to understand more about the underlying technology, we’ve produced a beginner’s guide to choosing, specifying and designing with LED lighting that covers the different dimming types.